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Practical military training - Signals
Code: 129486
ECTS: 15.0
Lecturers in charge: doc. dr. sc. Igor Štambuk
Lecturers: Dražen Čovran, dipl. ing. - Laboratory exercises
Mateo Martinović - Laboratory exercises
doc. dr. sc. Darko Možnik - Laboratory exercises

dr. sc. Dejan Barešić - Field exercises
Dražen Čovran, dipl. ing. - Field exercises
Tomislav Kravaica, dipl. ing. - Field exercises
Mateo Martinović - Field exercises
doc. dr. sc. Darko Možnik - Field exercises
mr. sc. Vinko Zebić - Field exercises
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Lecture typeTotal
Field exercises 40
Laboratory exercises 140
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
University subject Military Professional Practice - Signal represents the final specialist training in the KIS area (communication information systems).
The objective of the course is to enable students in the final stage of the graduate study a direct contact with the military professional environment and a better education thanks to the cooperation of university teachers and military experts. Practitioners acquire knowledge and skills, professional experience, and academic knowledge acquired with military education. This experience will be useful for students in the application of practical engineering and military knowledge, they will better prepare them for the jobs that they expect after the completion of their studies and enable them to have better individual pro fi ling in acquiring specialist knowledge at the final year of study.
During the course, students will be able to acquire knowledge about the principles of electromagnetism, propagation and expansion of electromagnetic waves in free space and in the earth s atmosphere through training for exercises and exercises that take place in the most realistic conditions.
They will also learn about the command and control system (C2S), the integration of combat functions, the integration of communication and information systems and command posts through cooperation with key people in the KIS segment of the OS RH. It will train the creation of situational awareness, that is, a common operational picture of the situation in the area of military operations. They will get acquainted with concepts and find out what are communication and information systems (concept, types, structure and elements), communication channels (types and purposes), what is the functional area of the KIS with its authorizations, and what is planned and implementing parts of the KIS of the Croatian Armed Forces (organizational structure, tasks and responsibilities by levels).
Special attention during the course will focus on getting to know the types and elements of the KIS center and command posts. The organization of the tactical KIS center will be practiced at the command post, set up computer information systems and will be introduced to the technical capabilities of the computer information systems and the application of security and protection measures in the computer network.
During the study visits, students will see the special features of the branches of the Croatian Armed Forces and the airborne units of the Croatian Armed Forces, will be familiar with the organization of the communications and information system in the land forces, in signal battalion as well as in the signal platoon in the Brigade. Students will be introduced to the organization of the communication and information system in the Croatian Air Force, the main operational center in Podvornica and the Croatian Navy, the N-6 Z HRM unit, and the OSMiO battalion.
In addition to the organization of KIS OSRH, students will also be introduced to the tactics of using signal platoon as the basic unit of KIS, the elements of the communication system in the battalion and brigade, and the KIS planning processes.
Maintenance of technical systems (system life, reliability and sustainability, maintenance as part of logistics support) is also an important segment of the competence of KIS officers. Also they will visit the Repairing Institute of OS RH, where students will have the opportunity to see the installation of the KIS system on combat platforms, as well as the processes of repairing communication devices. Students will be familiarized with maintenance planning (basic guidelines, principles), and with preventive and corrective maintenance (periodic examinations / checks - daily, weekly examinations, overhauls, regular servicing and replacement of critical elements).
  1. NATO STANAG 5042 - Military Telecommunications - Diagram Symbols (prijevod); NATO, Vojna agencija za standardizaciju; 1984
  2. Tactical Communications for the Digitized Battlefield; Ryan J. Michael - Frater R. Michael; Artech House Boston - London; 2002
  3. Signal Soldier´s Guide (FM 6-02.43); Headquarters, Department of the Army U.S.A.; 2009
  4. NATO STANAG 2014 - Formati zapovijedi i označavanje vremena, lokacija i granica (prijevod); NATO, Vojna agencija za standardizaciju; 2008
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Attended : Computer and Telecommunication Devices, Systems and Networks
Attended : Process Modelling and Design of IS
Attended : Radio Devices and Systems
Attended : Safety and Protection of Communication Information Systems
8. semester
Mandatory course - Mandatory course - Signals
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